Harold Washington Webliography


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Gravesite: http://graveyards.com/IL/Cook/oakwoods/washington.html

Dusable Museum Exhibit:

Named after Harold Washington

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Media retrospectives

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  3. The following links are from mediaburn.org - an invaluable resource:
    Mayoral Commercials by Lynn Sweet. This tape (27 minutes) collects many of the political ads from the 1983 race for mayor of Chicago. The ads are shown in approximately consecutive order. First we see the ads for the Democratic primary race between Jane Byrne, Richard M. Daley, and Harold Washington, followed by ads from the mayoral race between Harold Washington and Bernard Epton. Many of the ads are smears, so it is interesting to see them in close succession responding to each other. This tape is a valuable look at the politics of the time:
    http://mediaburn.org/Video-Preview.128.0.html?&uid=4952  and

    Collection of revealing scenes of various Chicago politicians. The film (88 minutes) focuses mainly on mayors and mayoral candidates of the 1980s including Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, Edward "Fast Eddie" Vrdolyak, and Thomas Hynes. In true Chicago style, the looming presence of long-time, now late, mayor of Chicago, Richard J. Daley makes an appearance. Includes some invaluable footage, especially of when Harold Washington's many speeches. Particularly revealing are scenes of racial upheaval during the time surrounding Harold Washington's election and mayorship.


ABDUL ALKALIMAT Editor / Department of African American Studies
University of Illinois / Launched November 2010